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One of 100 Worst Puppy Mills in U.S.

This story is trending on Wheaton and Naperville area Patch online news centers: 35 Dogs Taken From Suburban Puppy Mill, 'One of 100 Worst' in U.S. Just one question that animal lovers and advocates have is, ‘Why is this type of behavior still happening – especially when the Chicago Chapter of Companion Animal Protection Society protested this business almost every day?’

Puppy mills provide horrific situations for canines!
Illinois Department of Agriculture

The Puppy Parlor is located at 4707 Main Street in Lisle, Illinois. The 35 dogs were rescued from this horrific company which has been named by the Humane Society of the United States as one of the 100 worst puppy mills in the country.

Another question that the advocates want answered is, ‘Why in the world does it take so many investigations in order to get wretched organizations like this one to shut its doors? It is certain that the Downers Grove-based West Suburban Humane Society is happy, but also a bit miffed as to just how long it takes to get the ball rolling just to do the ‘right thing!’

For passerby, The Puppy Parlor may have looked simply like a simple pet store. In fact, in the back of the storeroom, it was reported that there were also "dozens of breeding dogs ... in cages stacked four high; some of the dogs appeared to have barely enough room to turn around," according to a Humane Society report.

Dog rescuers, shelters and dog advocates all have a hard time believing that the owner of such a company that misuses animals for their own profit is a woman. Tammy Coglianese allegedly allowed this type of abuse to go on, even when the Chicago Chapter of Companion Animal Protection Society marched outside the facility almost daily throughout 2013. How can a woman, a gender that is supposed to love and nurture, even be associated with this type of behavior, least of all, own the organization?

The investigations, at least 19, were conducted. The latest was reported to have occurred as recently as September, 2013. Even that one showed "no signs of mistreatment or neglect" to dogs on the property.
Why? How could that substantial amount of abuse be overlooked?

The Puppy Parlor website posted such comments as:

· "They claim we sell sick and dying puppies. Where is the proof?"

· "Where are the veterinary reports stating such? Where are the pet owners that were involved?"

At least the 35 canines have been rescued by Almost Home Foundation. Almost Home has quite a bit of experience in puppy mill rescue situations. They were able to secure the dogs on February 24th.

It is just sad that Tammy Coglianese still is denying any wrongdoing. She felt that her company was helping re-home animals that they acquired from people no longer able to care for their pets for one reason or another. Many pet stores feel the same as Coglianese. It is just good that protesters and other advocates care enough to stay on watch for the animals that are unable to protect themselves!

Many municipalities are working to ban these organizations altogether. In fact, the Companion Animal & Consumer Protection Ordinance has been introduced to the City of Chicago Council on February 5th. If passed, it is promote the welfare of animals, protects consumers and is intended to save tax dollars by increasing animal adoptions and decreasing costs associated with euthanization. This should make many animal advocates very happy!

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