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One 'n Only wants to give you a $2,500 gift card for your selfie!

One 'n Only wants to give you a $2,500 gift card for your selfie!
One 'n Only wants to give you a $2,500 gift card for your selfie!
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

There are two schools of travel selfie takers: the kind who will take a pic of everything they're doing, everywhere they go. The other has to have everything just so. Yeah, I'll admit, I'm in the latter category.

Since I usually keep outrageous hours when I'm on the go and may not have all of my beauty products, I don't take a lot of selfies when traveling. People tend to take pics of me, even when I plead with them not to. I'm not talking about an eager local person who's never had an American visit or something . . . I'm talking about people who have to prove I actually showed up. These are the people who never recognize me when I'm actually looking human.

It's the same with my neighbors: I walk my dog in a robe and crazy hair. I have a next door neighbor who's a news anchor. When he was confused to who I was one evening on the way to dinner, I told him, "This is the first time you've ever seen me dressed!" When I explained to my husband that the news anchor has only seen me in a bathrobe around the neighborhood or in my undies at the tailor's, he seemed to take it in stride.

Those of you who are like I am -- you're proud of the selfies you do create, because you put some thought and effort into them -- will be very interested that there's an opportunity to profit from them!

Now you can make your beautiful #selfie worth something. Conair Professional One ‘n Only collection is encouraging you to take a picture of yourself and your gorgeous locks styled by your favorite One ‘n Only product for a chance to win a gift card up to $2,500 dollars. It’s easy – head over to the One ‘n Only contest page ( upload your picture, including the One ‘n Only product used to achieve, and let the voting begin!

The contest ends next week, so go fix yourself up