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One More Spring-Like Day Before Winter Returns.....

The next seven days ahead
The next seven days ahead
Scott Derek

We had our second day in a row of highs in the middle 50s at Philly International; we reached 55 just before 4pm under a mostly sunny day. Once again we had that gusty west wind over 20mph keeping it a tad cooler(but after this Winter it still felt good!).

High pressure moves to the east overnight and then a cold front will push through on Saturday with temperatures in the middle 60s ahead of it....but then 40s behind the cold front.

Overnight lows will be around 40 with a mostly cloudy sky as a warm front pushes northward. I feel that we shall stay dry, but if a light rain shower or sprinkle occurs, sue me(I'm broke anyway!). Once the warm front pushes northward we'll get a southerly wind on Saturday morning. This will lead to highs in the middle and upper 60s EXCEPT for the shore that will be in the 50s until the late afternoon once the wind shifts to the west(current water temperatures are around 40). With a cold front pushing through in the afternoon there may be some light rain showers as well; the bigger issue will be behind the front highs will just be in the middle 40s with a partly cloudy sky as a short wave will pass by to the north(but we stay dry).

Behind that we're even colder with highs just in the upper 30s! Ditto for Tuesday, but there will be a short wave to the north across the Great Lakes and then a potent low pressure area riding up from the Gulf of Mexico; these two pieces of energy don't necessarily "phase"(come together), but rather interact with each other. Regardless, they will affect the Mid-Atlantic with the threat of snow and rain, but further toward the Northeast across Philly up toward New York City it may just pass to the east and provide just a light snow event. The time frame right now would be from early Tuesday evening until Wednesday morning.
For now it will just be monitored throughout the weekend; don't forget that you can check out the rest of the 7-day forecast(any time) at

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