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One More Day Of 50s Before Winter Returns Once Again

The next seven days ahead
The next seven days ahead
Scott Derek

We were pretty much average with our low of 31(average on this date is 29), but as our average high is 46 we did 13 better than that(if you're not a math wiz, that's 59 degrees) under a mostly sunny day. Granted there were some fair weather cumulus clouds in the afternoon as we reached our convective temperature(the temperature that the surface must warm to for clouds to develop), they did not produce any rain showers nor shave temperatures a bit; in fact, with a gusty westerly wind over 20mph in the afternoon it helped propel temperatures to warm after pushing through the mountains(we call this downsloping).

High pressure will move offshore Sunday paving the way for a cold front to push through overnight into Monday and provide some rain and wet snow showers

Overnight we'll have a few clouds as the lower and middle levels of the atmosphere moisten up; lows will be in the middle 30s with a light wind. Sunday will start off sunny, but then clouds continue to thicken in advance of a cold front. We stay through the day with highs in the lower to middle 50s. It's not until the late evening going through the overnight where we'll see some rain and then even some wet snowflakes mixed in as lows will be around the freezing mark.

This will lead to Monday getting everything out of here before the morning commute and we'll have a sun-filled day; the catch is that highs will just be in the upper 30s. It gets worse as Tuesday we'll just be a few ticks above freezing with a short wave pushing through to provide some light snow in the evening; there will also be a low pressure area pushing across the Tennessee River Valley, but I don't expect these two to phase(come together). I'm playing it as the coastal will pass by to the northeast come Wednesday with just a mostly cloudy day(maybe a few light snow showers accumulating to an inch) with highs in the middle 30s.

You can check the rest of the 7-day forecast(any time) at

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