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One month of unlimited boot camp classes for $19

Get serious about fitness and weight loss with boot camp.
Get serious about fitness and weight loss with boot camp.
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There's no time like right now to get ready for summer -- and the rest of your life -- by starting a fitness program. Today's Groupon will help you do that by offering one of the best deals for group fitness we've seen in a while!

For just $19, you get a month of unlimited classes at Davis Training Boot Camp. Take advantage of this by midnight tonight to save 89 percent of the original value of $180.

What can you accomplish with a month of unlimited boot camp? Even two weeks of weight training can lead to visible results. Boot camps are known for their intensity, and if you go several times a week, your body can't help but make some changes in a month (provided, of course, that you are eating a reasonable diet -- boot camp is awesome, but it's not magic).

With a deal this good, you're still getting an awesome bargain if you attend just once a week ($5 a class? sign us up!), but you won't see the results you're looking for unless you get in there several times. Davis Training recommends a minimum of three days per week, preferably five -- which, in case you're not so up on the math, amounts to less than one dollar per class.

Workouts are available Monday through Friday at 6:30am, 11:00am, noon, 1:00pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, and 6:30pm in Centennial. You can only buy one of these deals for yourself, but you can purchase them as gifts for up to 20 of your closest friends if you'd like. You must start your month of classes by October 26 of this year.


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