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One Million PIBBLE March: Help end pit bull abuse, discrimination & BSL

When it comes to animal-related "howlidays," one particular dog breed has it pretty "ruff." Comedian/actress/writer, Rebecca Corry, wants to change the bad rap pit bulls often get. According to a King 5 report published April 28, the very first One Million PIBBLE March will take place on May 3, 2014. The event shines the spotlight on discrimination and abuse against an often misunderstood breed - the pit bull terrier, or pibbles. The event will also help take a bite out of breed-specific legislation (BSL.)

One Million PIBBLE March:  Help end pit bull abuse, discrimination & BSL
Courtesy of Idar Sagdejev
One Million PIBBLE March:  Help end pit bull abuse, discrimination & BSL
Courtesy of Miggs Lives

Pit Bull Ban

Because some consider the breed dangerous, pit bulls are banned in many communities. As the pit bull ban debate continues, Lydia Sattler, from the U.S. Humane Society said that banning specific breeds such as pit bulls, is not going to keep communities safe from "vicious dogs." People can train aggression in any type of dog and breed. All dogs are individuals and no community is safer when a dog is banned due to their breed or appearance, according to the Animal Farm Foundation.


Corry founded the Stand Up For Pits Foundation in honor of her own pibble, Angel, who suffered horrific animal abuse. Angel, along with a male dog, was found roaming the streets of Los Angeles. Acid had been poured on her back and her ears had been cut off with razor blades. Angel had been used as a bait dog. The two were picked up by Animal Control but the male dog died in surgery. Angel was about to be euthanized when she was rescued and eventually ended up with Corry. After surviving life on the street, horrific abuse, surgeries and cancer, the abused dog who would not even lift her head up at one point, is now helping others.

According to Corry,

"This is not just an animal issue; it is a social issue that affects us all. It is proven people who commit violent acts against animals will likely -- and most often times do go on to -- commit crimes against humanity. The targeting of pit bull terriers is an obvious reflection of broken society, but one that can be fixed. The PIBBLE March provides us a national platform to be the voice of millions of voiceless victims, and we will be heard. Abuse and discrimination can no longer be tolerated."

How to Help

Please help our four-legged pibble friends without a voice. Pledge to attend the international event on the West Lawn of the United States Capital in Washington D.C. on May 3 from 12:30 - 2:00 p.m. Please note - "doors" will open at noon. No dogs, other than service animals, are allowed. If you are unable to attend, please help by donating to the cause.

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