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One Million Pibble March gathers grand crowd to protest breed specific laws

An estimated 4,500 people attended the Million Pit Bull March on Saturday to take a bite out of breed specific legislation.

Thousands of animal lovers gathered on the West Lawn of the Capitol Saturday for the One Million Pibble March; a protest and informational guide to the misunderstood bull terriers affectionately known as "Pibbles" in the ever increasing world of animal rescue and protection.

The peaceful and emotional demonstration (no dogs allowed) theme was designed to demonstrate against "breed-specific legislation" - laws that ban or otherwise restrict ownership of dogs by breed, mostly focused on pit bulls.

Leading the march was Rebecca Corry, president of the Stand Up for Pits Foundation. According to Corry's website, over 4,500 people attended the march, and there were no shortages of pit bull inspired tee shirts, placards, and stories supporting the wonderful world of the Pibbles and all who support the breed.

Corry, a well-known comedian starring in such productions as King of Queens, Comedy Central and Last Comic Standing puts her bully mouth with her proactive support of the breed. With her bully dog Angel, who Corry rescued with another dog after the strays were found roaming the streets of south central Los Angeles, has become a model of kindness and responsible dog ownership and respect for all breeds.

Angel was found with acid burns down her back, her ears had been lopped off with a straight edged razor, and used as a bait dog in dog fighting. Angel was about to be euthanized when Corry rescued her. Sadly, the dog with Angel did not survive surgery.

And there was no shortage of celebrities who share their homes and their hearts with "Pibbles."

According to the Huffington Post, police officer Kelly Steinhorn told about her pit bull Pretzel and how he was found with his throat slashed and open stab wounds to his chest. And even with that, Steinhorn cooed about the dog's forgiveness and how wonderful of a companion he has since become.

Then there was Jamie Buehrle, wife of baseball star Mark Buehrle who sang the praises of her pittie named Slater, Chris Williams - younger brother of Vanessa Williamns and handsome Baltimore cop, Jon Boyer, who although has a special preference for rescuing our feline friends, says "yes" to the beautiful breed of pit bulls.

During the rally, there was no denying the best advice for anyone loving any dog in the world:


Any dog breed can be trained to be aggressive. Please report animal cruelty.

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