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One Mans Vision, His Dreams, and Reality

Keri Singleton
Keri Singleton

What does 20K stand for in the entertainment business? It means 20 years of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Simplified in two words Keri Singleton. Keri, who was born and raised in Roxbury MA, not only loved music but also was determined to live out his dream. He followed the footsteps of the man who he truly believed in, and inspired him Russell Simmons. Eager to claim, and set his mark in the music industry he launched his own entertainment, and Management Company by the name of Bleeders/Block Rocka Shadowjam.

Not only was he overseeing his business, and managing groups, he decided to take it a step further by revealing his lyrical skills, and talent by rapping. Becoming personally involved in music projects that he promoted himself, Keri networked with industry professionals from Philadelphia, and New York. He has help launch music entertainers like: TLC, Toni Braxton and Outkast, and has received a prestigious gold, and platinum plaque for his hard work. Keri has assisted Shaggy who released a hit record Boombastic back in 1997.

His love for life was incredible and he is a very strong supporter of Cancer and HIV. His awareness never failed, he always found ways to help and support his community. In 1996 Keri's heart had been shattered by the lost of his father to violence and guns in the City of Boston. Making a promise to his self and people of the communities, Keri co-founded “Peace Night” at the Chez-Vous skating rink. Giving youth the ability to unite, have fun, and get to enjoy live entertainment from major, and local artists around the city. He became involved with the youth speaking about the dangers of violence and reaching out to the youth, telling the seriousness of issues, thinking of ways to decrease the deaths and violence in the city.

His only concern was to maintain peace in the city, and the surrounding communities. On March 24th 2012, Keri will be celebrating 20 years in the music business, and the most important day of his life, his birthday. A celebration well overdue "Happy Birthday Keri!"