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One man killed in attempted robbery at Clinton Township bank parking lot

Bank robber shot and killed during attempted robbery of armored truck.
Bank robber shot and killed during attempted robbery of armored truck.

Residents in Clinton Township near 16 Mile and Gratiot were faced with a situation this Thursday afternoon that left one person shot and killed and another wounded. reported that at 1 p.m. today an attempted robbery of an armored truck did not turn out as the robbers expected.

In the Bank of America parking lot a guard was approached by two men attempting to rob the armored truck. One of the men was carrying a revolver as he approached the guard wheeling money to the bank and managed to get some cash from him. Who fired first is not known, but approximately 50 shots were fired leaving one man dead and one wounded.

Click on reports that one of the suspects fled the scene in a stolen silver minivan with windows shot out by the guard. The authorities determined that the second man was hit in the gunfire exchange due to blood found in the van.

After the robber fled, the guard retreated to his truck unharmed and waited for police to arrive. The van used by the second robber was later found at Remick Drive and Stair Street, about two blocks from the bank. Police continue to scout the area looking for the second wounded man. Residents are warned to stay inside with their doors locked.

In an update on the live news cast by WXYZ it was reported that, additional cars in the parking lot were hit by stray bullets. No customers at the bank were injured during the shootout between the robber and the guard.