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One man critical after shooting, alleged carjacking and fiery crash in Atlanta

Atlanta police are investigating the connection between a man who was shot, an alleged carjacking and a fiery crash.
Atlanta police are investigating the connection between a man who was shot, an alleged carjacking and a fiery crash.
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A man was shot and a car wrecked before becoming engulfed in flames late Saturday afternoon in Atlanta. And police are trying to determine how the incidents are connected and what made the owner of the wrecked vehicle wait more than an hour before reporting that it was stolen.

Shortly before 5:20 p.m., officers responded to 101 H. E. Holmes Road after getting a report of shots fired, according to Atlanta police. When officers arrived they found a MARTA police officer attempting to take in custody a man who was spotted running from the wrecked vehicle, police said.

The officer stated that he heard gun shots and drove towards the location where he saw several men running from a car that just crashed, police spokeswoman Officer Kim Jones said. The men jumped into a red car, Jones said.

“Upon further inspection of the crashed vehicle it was on fire and there were two loaded AK-47’s in the area,” Officer Jones said. “One AK-47 was recovered from the passenger compartment of the vehicle and a second AK-47 was recovered on the ground of the passenger side of the vehicle, outside.”

Officers then received a call that man was just dropped off at Grady Memorial Hospital with a gunshot wound to the chest, Jones said. The man was rushed into surgery and was listed in critical but stable condition, she said. Police did not identify the man or say how he was connected to the incident

Officers closed a segment of H.E. Holmes and Burton Roads and began investigating. After being at the crash scene for an hour and a half, the owner of the vehicle, a blue Chevrolet Lumina, called 911 to report that he had been car jacked, Jones said. Tora Gordon stated that he was at the stop sign at Collier and Hightower when a man came up to his car and pointed a hand gun at him and told him to get out of the vehicle, Jones said.

Gordon stated that after he got out of the vehicle he saw three to four get in his vehicle and drive off. Gordon stated nothing was taken from him other than the vehicle but he also could not explain what took him so long to report he had been carjacked.

Police detained one man, but let him go after determining he had nothing to do with the melee, according to a media report.

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