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One lump or two? a Texas Tea Party for Florida too


  • Earl 6 years ago

    Conservatives are uneducated? Your rhetoric would be good for a laugh if it wasn't so pitiful.

    "...but as an American you celebrate even the voice of the uneducated idiot and while logic may restrict them, democracy allows them to speak. And to vote."

    Right back at you Michael, right back at you.

  • Michael 6 years ago

    Look up the word scotoma. Then read the article again.

  • DROP_UR_BAG_HERE 6 years ago


    Obviously there has been a HUGE mistake…..

    Palin’s Dribble, Weasel Wording, Mush-Mush, Asssss-Backwards speak Cleary demonstrates who carries the Down Syndrome trait in her family, because of this we (the democrats) will allow you to send her back to Wacky-silla without prejudice and select another candidate.

    For this consideration the Republicans agree to sell Alaska to Russia (with Palin) and never mention the State of Alaska or her again.

    P.S. Why does Palin repeat herself in the same sentence and add extra words that don’t belong!! Reading a Quote from her makes me feel like I am in the advanced stages of dyslexia. Does Anyone else have a problem with this? Is there anyone out there from the North Slope who speaks Wacky-silla?

  • Michael 6 years ago

    I think it's a twisted form of pig Latin. That would explain the lipstick. The Vanilla Thrilla from Wasilla will never see public office and she will fade into the history books soon. Then we can clean up after her Tea Parties.

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