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One lucky pup goes from rags to riches overnight

Lucky Lady with her new found love, Heiress Helen Rich
Lucky Lady with her new found love, Heiress Helen Rich

This is a story of courage and determination. One dogs dream of a forever home that ends in an amazing way. Lady is a black lab left unwanted at a Kanas animal control facility after her owner passed away in 2012. She was adopted by one family and returned after playing roughly with the new puppy. Here is a family this older dog grew to love and then returned to the shelter due to unfair circumstances. Lady was quickly adopted by someone else, but she missed her former family. She escaped from the yard of her present adopter and traveled 30 plus miles to find her previous family. Imagine after all that dedication the family still did not want her back. The other adopter refused to take her back. Think of the rejection poor Lady was feeling. Now enters Helen Rich an heiress to the Wrigley Gum Company.

Little Orphan Lady No More

Like Annie from the movie, Lady was about to have her world changed in an instance. Helen Rich, who lives in Odessa, FL, was perusing Facebook when she saw Lady’s pitiful story. She immediately summoned her assistant to fly to Kansas and adopt Lady. And that is where Lady’s story changed for good. Lady was officially adopted and flown on a private jet plane back to sunny Florida where she now lives among 100 other dogs, cats and a menagerie of rescued animals. She rides with Rich on a golf cart across the 120 acre farm embracing her blessed and enriched new life. Check out her story here.

One Wag of a Tail

With one wag of her tail, Lady’s life changed forever thanks to social media. What evil takes away, the heavens will repay tenfold. Lady exemplifies the spiritual realm of how when you set your mind to something that the Almighty has placed in your heart no circumstance can come in-between. Lady wanted a forever home, and she was willing to travel miles in hopes of finding it. I am glad to say she found a home many miles away, a home that she could never have dreamed for herself. She is an example to me that when you get into action after your dreams the results will always follow in astounding ways. What are you dreaming of today?

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