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One Little Act of Kindness Goes a Long Way!

One little act of kindness goes a long way!
One little act of kindness goes a long way!

Do you feel important? Do you feel like you are making a difference in this life? Well please hear this : you are important and you do make a difference! There is no one else in this life that is quite like you. Just as there are no two snowflakes exactly alike you too are a beautiful unique creation of God.

Now it’s true that most of us want to make a difference in this life, but what we don’t seem to truly realize is that our influence is constantly being felt all of the time. What exactly does this mean? Well as Christians we need to be a light in this world; and a light shines brightly but is actually silent. Every time we pleasantly smile or bring laughter to a soul we are shining! Have you ever been in an environment in which most of the faces appeared to be strict and then all of a sudden a sincere smile appears and your whole mood seems to improve? Of course you have and doesn't this fact help you realize the power in simple expressions of kindness? Let’s illustrate this point further with a little story. There once was a church service in which the pastor was teaching an in-depth Bible study when all of a sudden a small child started crying incessantly. The child was bored and agitated causing the parents to feel a little embarrassed; they patiently tried to calm the child down but nothing seemed to work. They didn't want to get up in the middle of the sermon and felt a little trapped. Then suddenly someone from the crowd walked up and handed the small child of huge lollipop; needless to say the child lit up like a Christmas tree and calmed down for the remainder of the service. Now you may think that this wasn't a huge act of kindness, but in reality it was quite beautiful. It was a simple act that showed compassion for both the child and the parents. You see children are precious and they are not fakers; when they feel an emotion they openly let you know wherever they are at any given moment in time. The apostle Paul said “when I was child I acted like a child and when I grew up to be a man I acted like a man” (1st Corinthians 13:11), and Jesus said “let the children come unto me for such as is the kingdom of Heaven” (Matthew 19:14).

Now you may say to yourself “sure it’s nice to be kind but what real difference am I making in this life”? Well just imagine if you lived in a world in which everyone treated each other fairly, kindly and gracefully all of the time. Wouldn't that be amazing? You see light dispels darkness and when you walk into a room with a pure heart and loving countenance that room will shine! And that friend does make a difference! The Bible says that the world will know that we are Jesus’s disciples by our love for one another. Don’t you feel naturally drawn to non-judgmental people? These are the kind of people that are easy-going with a pleasant demeanor. They do not rush to point out your faults or anger easily; instead they sincerely listen and care. Yes this makes a difference! And maybe you feel like you are not that kind of person, but you may be surprised. One little act of kindness goes a long way.

Yes, you are loved and definitely make a difference in this life! God bless you friends!

By Gordon E. Dawe