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One key to living healthy lies in your make up bag

So much of today's focus is on healthy eating and what is being put into your body. Paleo, Low carb, gluten free, and other dieting fads have consumed the minds (and shopping carts) of individuals making a decision to eat clean. However, what many individuals are forgetting is what is put on your body is just as equally important as what is being taken in.

Ladies, the answer to your healthy lifestyle regime is right inside your makeup bag!

Many cosmetic products use harmful ingredients that are harmful for your skin and the environment. We often forget or are unaware of the harsh chemicals hidden in countless cosmetic products. Your makeup should not just be a quick fix for the day, but a lifestyle change that enhances your confidence and beauty skin deep.

Teadora products are the answer to a holistic approach of a healthy lifestyle change, both inside and out. Not only are these products nourishing for the mind and body, they also are 100% vegan and naturally crafted to conserve the earth. It is Teadora’s culture to promote an all- around natural and organic experience by helping to protect the rainforests as well as advocating for social responsibility, including education and leadership development among the community.

Founder of Teadora, Valeria Cole, launched these natural remedies for skin and hair with the inspiration from mother nature and taking advantages of all of the earth’s raw ingredients. Teadora’s purpose is to provide nutrition and hydration for skin and hair with a blend of exotic, enriching vitamins from the rainforests of Brazil.

Indulge in Teadora’s body oils, exfoliating beauty bars, shampoos, conditioners, and vibrant fragrances. These products are simple swaps in your cosmetic bag that can make dramatic improvements to a healthier lifestyle.

We often forget just how empowering makeup is on a daily basis. It is often seen as a daily chore, rather than an enlightening experience. Cosmetic companies such as Younique, embody inspiring values such as simplicity and the celebration of beauty. Younique products include 3D fiber lashes, moisturizers, and mineral concealers to correct imperfections wholesomely. These quality products are never tested on animals and free from harmful parabens and other fillers.

This summer, remember the importance of keeping sight of your health and fitness goals, but also remember the importance of using cosmetic products that are natural and sustainable to the environment to lead an overall healthier lifestyle. Clear out your makeup bag one day this summer and get rid of old and harmful products ending with “-siloxane” or “-methicone”. It’s time to revamp your cosmetic bag with products that will reinvigorate you from the inside out!

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