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"One House Stood. A HAUNTING."


Thrills, chills while holding onto the edge of your seat! The understatement of the year as we approach another great book of a true haunting of the only house that stood in a coal mining town with its icy arms open to greet those that dared to enter.

An old deserted town of yesterday of which there was so much heartache and death where several people died mysteriously while a dead dog was found in the house, you are taken into a haunting beyond imagination. Tattered and worn, a diary is found that tells the horrid heart break of the haunting of the house that has claimed life after life in this deserted structure. You dare to pay the price for this home but you are destined to never leave. Your permanent residency is marked for eternity.

One house stood through time and stands still today in this deserted coal mining town. Do you dare to enter?

Stay tuned for further updates ......if you dare................