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One Hit Wonder: Maidana's chance against Mayweather

WBA welterweight champion Marcos Maidana during the weigh-in for his fight with Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Marcos ‘El Chino’ Maidana, the bull from Argentina who sports a record of 35-3 with 31 wins coming by way of knockout, has worked his way up the boxing ladder due to hard work, brave heart and punching power.

Marcos Maidana always comes to fight, and has persevered and overcame adversity on his way to become one of the most exciting fighters in boxing today. He packs a wallop in both hands, and with the exception of one or two occasions, he was never involved in a dull fight.

After taking the brash and then undefeated champion Adrien Broner to hell to snatch the WBA welterweight belt, Maidana won the biggest sweepstakes of them all -- the megafight tonight with the current pound-for-pound king Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, Jr. for the WBA, WBC, and Ring welterweight belts and then some.

But the boxing world has already written him off and proclaimed that Mayweather will just waltz through him en route to 46-0 to maintain the American champion’s unblemished record and move on to another fight in his quest of being The Best Ever (?) in the history of the sport.

They say that Marcos Maidana is no match for the skill and talent of Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and that Money will just blitz El Chino with his blinding hand speed and dazzling footwork to carve out the customary lopsided UD victory that is the hallmark of every Floyd Mayweather, Jr. victory.

Yet Marcos Maidana is unperturbed by the odds stacked against him for he believes in himself; he knows how to handle pressure, get out of a bad situation, and come back to win the fight. Most of all, El Chino has confidence in the power behind his fists that have brought him to where he is now -- the biggest fight of his boxing career.

Marcos Maidana’s list of victims is not as impressive as his foe’s, but is quite solid. The list includes Victor Ortiz, Victor Cayo, Jesus Soto Karass, Josesito Lopez and Adrien Broner, just to name a few. After tonight’s fight, the Argentine banger wants to add to that list the biggest fish of ‘em all -- Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

But that is easier said than done considering that “45 have tried and 45 have failed” against Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Marcos Maidana is “not as talented and skillful” as the American superstar and will surely be outworked and outclassed as pointed out by many boxing observers -- that’s why he is a huge, huge underdog in this fight.

There is one thing that is going for Maidana in this fight, though: unlike many of Floyd Mayweather, Jr’s opponents in the past, El Chino is not afraid nor in awe of Mayweather’s mystic as a fighter and aura of invincibility because El Chino believes in himself -- that he will be the one that can blemish Mayweather’s immaculate record.

So, the question that will be answered tonight is: can Marcos Maidana do it?

It will be a very long shot, but Marcos Maidana has the shot that can drop an opponent with one punch, and Floyd Mayweather’s chin has not been tested this much since Shane Mosley cracked and penetrated the pound-for-pound king’s vaunted defense in 2010.

And yes, as they usually say, “if you shoot for the stars and hit the moon, it’s OK.”

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