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"One Funny Mother" Dena Blizzard goes on the road with her show

 Dena Blizzard enjoys her role as  "One Funny Mother!"
Dena Blizzard enjoys her role as "One Funny Mother!"
Donald B. Kravitz

What would your expectations be when meeting a former Miss New Jersey (1996); winner of the “Quality Of Life” award from the Miss America Organization as a contestant competing for Miss America, who also possess a Masters Degree in Gerontology from Rowan University.

 Dena Blizzard enjoys her role as  "One Funny Mother!"
Donald B. Kravitz

You would get what you expected on the surface, an intelligent, articulate, attractive woman. However, there is more, much more to Dena Blizzard than anyone would imagine as she is “One Funny Mother.”

After competing for the title of Miss America 1996 Blizzard was thinking her life and career would be working in the field of Gerontology, (The branch of science that deals with aging and the problems of aged persons).

Feeling she was missing something, Blizzard realized she always loved stand-up comedy and when she turned thirty her husband Jim gave her a gift of a six week course to a school for “Stand-Up.”

“When I left the stage the first night of class I was very anxious to see what the instructor thought. He came over to me and I asked “How did I do,” to which he responded, “You looked very comfortable on stage.”

Blizzard quickly added, “I guess he did not understand, I wanted to be FUNNY not comfortable,” flashing a big smile and laugh. “I came to realize while I was in the class that I was terrible but I LOVED it.” Since then, Blizzard has made a name for herself in several different specialties, all based on her quick wit and ability to be extremely entertaining.

Blizzard has gone on to create a very enviable resume. In 2006 she provided warm-up for the Paula Deen Show on the Food Channel then moved over to do warm-up for the Nate Berkus Show. Blizzard also spent a year and a half warming-up Anderson Cooper’s audience.

One of Dena’s steps forward came in 2007 when she performed at The Comedy Club in Las Vegas. Since that first performance, she has been back there every year since and has expanded her comedy club performances by appearing at The Comedy Club in Atlantic City in the Tropicana Atlantic City property a number of times.

Coming full circle, Blizzard now is the preliminary host for the Miss America Organization and host of the Miss New Jersey Pageant. “It is surreal to me to be on the Miss America stage where I once competed as a contestant,” offered Blizzard. “I also have to thank the Miss America Organization for giving me the freedom to be me when I host the pageant.”

As if Dena were not busy enough during this time she launched a new venture, a one woman show she named, “One Funny Mother.” Since creating the project over five years ago, Blizzard has taken the ninety minute show on the road. Her next performance is May 2, 2014 at the Strand in Lakewood, NJ.

Did I mention that Blizzard is also a wife and a mother to three children which has proven to be the source of all of her humor. Using her experiences as a guide, Blizzard is not done yet. Yes, she is once again hosting both the Miss America and Miss New Jersey pageants, but she has set her sights on a new path.

“I would love to see a television sitcom based on “One Funny Mother.” After eleven years of raising children I have a wealth of material.” When you ask her what she enjoys most, performing or hosting, without hesitation she replied, “My best skills come into play when I am hosting. I would love to host a talk show.”

Besides doing her show and fulfilling her hosting duties, Blizzard is taking time when available, to promote her one woman show and is taking it on a road tour.

Somehow Blizzard found a few unfilled minutes in her schedule so she decided to create a new seven minute video for You Tube. “Much of my inspiration comes from the things that really annoy me, like doing laundry.” In light of her distain for soiled laundry, Blizzard wrote a parody about laundry to the tune of the song “Royals.”

The new parody will be previewed on You Tube on Wednesday April 9, 2014. For those who know Dena Blizzard they will tell you she is a great friend, a wonderful mother and a very diligent worker who works tirelessly to achieve her goals.

Did I hear that Dave Letterman is retiring? Does that mean a new Talk Show host is needed? Perhaps we have a new endeavor for Dena Blizzard, who is “One Funny Mother”.

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