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One-Eleven recording artist Kiernan McMullan promotes new EP in Evansville


Kiernan's EP "The Best Part" debuts online  Feb. 2nd

"I'm way too young to be unhappy, I'm way to old to be saying 'where should I begin'." Words from One-Eleven recording artist Kiernan McMullan's upcoming acoustic EP "The Best Part" strike a chord in the thinking-man's core.  A word-smith by every essence of the word, Kiernan's style brushes up against jazz, funk, soul, spoken-word and blues, resulting in that far-off stare of a listener lost in thought.  The upcoming release, which will be available online at, will be released February 2nd.  What does this mean for Evansville listeners?  Besides the fact that the songs are all of must-hear quality, Kiernan will actually be playing his new solo material at Carter Hall on the USI campus on February 2nd at 7 p.m..  Did I mention there is no cover charge?

Be sure to catch Kiernan at Carter Hall in Evansville Feb. 2nd

"The Best Part" is a collection of 6 acoustic tracks that Kiernan recorded in Los Angeles, CA.  Each track reveals a layer of the songwriters' persona; from "Fast Food and Slow Cars" to "Running on Empty", the listener learns a little more about the Hong Kong native (Kiernan was born in Hong Kong, but has called Australia, the UK, Boston, and Ireland all home.)  

Check Kiernan out at

As far as quality goes, Kiernan's "The Best Part" is a clean recording of a musically-gifted performer.  The listener can simply put the tracks on a playlist, hit play, and never have that "I think I'll skip this song" thought.  With all the craziness going on in today's world, this writer has found a great point of view in one of Kiernan's new songs; "We got fast food and slow cars, an unhealthy obsession with pop stars, a diet that contains almost no carbs, are you really happy this way?"  When this is what we're left with to turn to in our society, wouldn't it be nice to just stop for a moment, look around, and listen to some provoking, intelligent, make-you-look-at-your-life-and-think music?  Enter Kiernan McMullan. 

Be sure to check out more info about Kiernan, as well as listen to his songs, on his myspace page here, or on One Eleven's artist page here


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