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One dog from the 'snuggling dog' photo remains without a home

Manny and Typhoon were kennel buddies
Manny and Typhoon were kennel buddies
Fulton County Animal Services

Recently, two endearing photos of homeless "snuggling dogs" who were kenneled at the Fulton County Animal Services facility in Atlanta, Ga., reached viral status on the internet. Following the moment of internet fame, three of the four dogs were adopted.

Only Manny remains (Manny is the black dog)
Fulton County Animal Services

The adoptions are wonderful for the three lucky pups who now have new families, but it is heartbreaking for the one pup who still remains homeless, and alone, at the animal control facility.

The last pup standing is "Manny," an eight-month-old Labrador retriever mix. The facility describes this pup, identified at the shelter by identification number A465145, as:

Little Manny is just a big baby. Like many puppies this boy is high energy and needs someone to spend time with him and teach him proper behavior.
Manny will make a great companion for many many years - come and meet him today.

Manny's kennel buddy, Typhoon, has left the facility after being adopted to a new family - now it is Manny's turn to meet a new guardian and learn what it means to be a beloved companion. Please take a moment to network on behalf of the last of the "Fab Four."


Fulton County Animal Services
860 Marietta Blvd NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

Adoption Fee: $85
The fee includes the pet being spayed or neutered, getting a microchip, and all age appropriate shots and tests. Adopters are also sent home with a leash and a collar.

Facebook page for the Friends of Fulton County Animal Services here.

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