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One dog dies on hike in Utah after becoming too dehydrated, one dog saved

One dog dies, one saved, on Utah Hike
One dog dies, one saved, on Utah Hike
Screen shot via KUTV News

According to Wednesday's KUTV 2 News, a hike through the Red Butte Gardens near Salt Lake City, Utah, turned deadly when two dogs became over-heated and dehydrated.

The ill-fated trek began on Tuesday when a man set out for the hike with two large dogs, described as Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and an inadequate amount of water. According to Deseret News, approximately two miles into the hike when things turned deadly.

Salt Lake Fire spokesman Jasen Asay told Deseret News:

The dog walker was with the dogs, and the dogs kind of got off the trail a little bit and laid down to get some rest. And then the dogs started to become unresponsive. And the dog walker tried to get the dogs going and couldn't, and a hiker that was passing by saw what was going on and called 911,"

The dogs were dehydrated and not very responsive.

In the afternoon, a fire rescue team from the Salt Lake City Fire Department received the call for help and trekked to the dogs' location where they discovered that one dog was already dead and the other was distressed and nearly unresponsive. The surviving dog was cooled in the shade and provided with water and oxygen; the rescue teams put the dog onto a specialized stretcher and carried him down the mountain. The body of the deceased dog was brought down as well.

The person walking the dogs was not their owner - the owner was contacted and arrived to the scene.

Both the dog walker, and the person who the dogs belong to, were described as "devastated." The fire rescue team questioned whether or not the dogs were in good enough shape for the strenuous hike and noted that the lack of water, coupled with the heat, were a deadly combination.

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