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One Direction singer Zayn Malik is hit with death threats over Palestine

The bloody conflict in Gaza has hit the sentiments of Zayn Malik of One Direction with emotions heated dealing with his feelings about this nightmare. Malik has received death threats after a "#FreePalestine" post reported The Hollywood Reporter on July 29, 2014. Shortly after going online with this tweet a storm of controversy arose around Malik.

One Direction performing
One Direction performing
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

In an apparent show of his solidarity with the Palestinian cause Malik tweeted "#FreePalestine" to his 13 million Twitter followers. In the deadly conflict in the Middle East more than 1,000 Palestinians and 50 Israelis have thus far been killed. The most intense negative responses to Malik's sentiments about this conflict came from Israel with many Israelis suggesting One Direction would lose its fans there. Among the more intense reactions was one which suggested Malik should “kill himself” and another which threatened “let me kill you.”

Malik has left his message online and it has gotten more than 190,000 retweets so far. Malik has not been the only celebrity who has shown support for Palestine. Earlier in the month Rihanna tweeted "#FreePalestine" to her 36 million Twitter followers. However, she took this tweet down in just eight minutes after she was hit with many irate replies. Selena Gomez has posted a photo on Instagram saying “It’s about humanity, pray for Gaza.” In response to online criticism she said she was not “picking any sides.”

Malik generally avoids politics but couldn't seem to hold down his feelings about the Gaza affair reports the BBC. A political endorsement from a young celebrity with such an enormous fanbase is clearly very powerful. There was speculation among his critics that Malik would back down and delete his pro-Palestine tweet as Rihanna has done. However, Malik seems intent on holding to his position on this conflict. His sentiments appear to have a great deal of support among entertainers and others worldwide and so it appears Israel is caught in a very difficult situation now. The literal death threats against Malik are as shocking as the bloody Gaza assault.