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One Direction's Louis Tomlinson shows off new ink

One Direction's Louis Tomlinson Tattoos
One Direction's Louis Tomlinson Tattoos

When you hear the words tattoos and One Direction in the same sentence, most people think of Harry Styles or Zayn Malik, but Louis Tomlinson's is no slacker when it comes to his collection of inkings. The March 10 issue of Entertainment Wise News reported that the Little Things singer has added a gigantic black arrow on his left arm along with a Pac-Man and a noughts and crosses board (which in America we call tic-tac-toe). He already had a heart bracelet inked on his left wrist.

Louis Tomlinson tattoo collection

Following his time in the chair at the trendy Shamrock Tattoo in West Hollywood, The One Direction star was caught enjoying a beverage and looking pretty pleased with the latest additions to his collection of tattoos. The thing about his new tattoos is that they are similar to choices made for inkings on his right arm. For instance, he already has a tic-tac-toe board on his right elbow amid the quirky collection of disjointed images. On his right arm he also wears the words "far away" and "oops" along with a compass, a paper aeroplane, a stick man skateboarder, camera, globe, a horse shoe, steaming cup of tea, 5 score lines, a bomb, lit match, spiderweb, Bus 1, a flock of birds on his inner wrist, and a tattoo of a rope tied around that wrist along with open quotation marks. He used to have a heart with headphones on his right arm, but he has covered that with a stag's head with heart between prongs on that arm.

Other tattoos include a screw on his left inner ankle which is a tattoo he shares in common with One Direction stars Harry and Zayn. And also above his ankles he wears a tribute to his old band "The Rogues" with "the" etched on one ankle and "Rogue" on the other. Louis' first tattoo was the words "it is what it is" on his chest.

Louis Tomlinson isn't the only One Direction star to pull of a quirky ink collection. Like their music, the members of the band have a unique style all their own when it comes to body art, too.