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One Direction or 5SOS? Fan Twitter feud on Harry Styles’ hair, Louis Tomlinson

One Direction fans start Twitter feud
One Direction fans start Twitter feud
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

One Direction fans are fuming over an incident at a One Direction concert and what happened didn't even go down on stage. Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson have been on the road performing and their music brings joy to their fan’s ears. Well, not every fan and not at every concert. According to Hollywood Take on Tuesday, one fan brought an offensive sign to a recent concert and it was shared online starting a big beef between the One Direction fans and the 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) fans.

So what did this sign say? It read: “Replace Louis with Luke." The sign was an inferred reference to the idea that one band member might not have been as good as the other and should be replaced with a band member of 5SOS. The signs when viral and people have been discussing the images online.

If this sign wasn't rude enough, there was another sign that raised questions about Harry Styles too. It read: “Harry buy some shampoo." The sacred hair of the band member isn’t one area that most fans will allow being attacked and both signs have people extremely upset that people are bringing this type of language to the concerts. Not quite inappropriate, but definitely a jab at the entertainers, the fans at the concerts are wondering if this has something to with random 5SOS fans or more.

Are the signs a joke? Apparently not. Paying a couple hundred bucks to have a decent seat in the concerts, it seems that the folks holding up the signs are true One Direction fans, but obviously they have some issues with the band. Looking to point out a few of the concerns, the fans are willing to hold the sign above their heads to attract attention and offer up their opinion.

Some fans are both One Direction fans and 5SOS fans and that is why the Twitter beef is so loud. Knowing that the bands are highly competitive, the fans are looking to make their group of guys appear to be better than the others. The signs, ridiculous as they might seem, have done a great job starting a Twitter feud.