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'One Direction' may sue over 'One Erection' condoms

"One Direction" has created a positive family styled image around themselves which has wide appeal worldwide. Recently the famous British band has been shaken up by the alleged misuse of their name for a new condom brand named "One Erection". The management team for "One Direction" is upset over "One Erection" condoms reported on May 6, 2014.

"One Direction" performs in New York City.
"One Direction" performs in New York City.
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images
"One Direction", winner of the British Video and Global Success BRIT awards, pose in the winners room at The BRIT Awards 2014.
Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

The advertisers for the new condom brand push that you can “Stay up all night" with these US Food and Drug Administration approved condoms. Clearly, the idea is that there is only one direction with these condoms which is up. The condom maker appears to see this as a fantastic ice breaker at parties and bars. However, the band "One Direction" is now getting the feeling their name is being tarnished by these new condoms.

It has been alleged that the packaging for the condoms is a rip-off the band’s first album cover, "Up All Night", with the use of the same font and placement, along with five cartoon drawings of condoms to represent each member of the band. Initially the "One Direction" band members laughed about this gimmick and joked about buying a few packets of the condoms. However, the management for the band has not been amused and has been considering a lawsuit to try to stop the condom maker from exploiting the band to sell condoms.

Apparently "One Direction" could really sue the makers of "One Erection" condoms reports the New York Daily News.
The band feels that the American condom brand is ripping off their name. The management group for "One Direction" is said to be furious with the advertising of "One Erection – Up All Night" condoms which are now being sold online. It is their position the band's image is being "shamefully exploited" to sell this product. This kind of aggravation for "One Direction" is often the price you often have to pay for the kind of success they have been experiencing.

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