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One-day Mobile X conference in Columbus March 4

Interested in mobile phone and wireless technologies as an investor, entrepreneur, inventor, developer or enthusiast?  Then consider attending the Mobile X conference, scheduled for March 4 at the Concourse Hotel & Conference Center (just outside Port Columbus International Airport).

Among the many objectives of the conference is to:

  • Assess the impact of mobile on various industries like healthcare, retail and entertainment
  • Identifying up-and-coming players in the mobile space
  • Assessing various business models for making money in the mobile space
  • Taking an advanced peek at trends and opportunities in the mobile market (including mobile versions of social media)
  • Available development tools for building mobile applications
  • The big picture: what mobile manufacturers and carriers are planning for the mobile space

The conference keynote speaker is Noah Kagan, head of Gambit Labs in San Francisco.  Gambit Labs created the leading application for mobile payment, a tool that dozens of organizations use to monetize their independent mobile games and applications.  Most of the day's meetings are hands-on breakout sessions featuring multiple tracks for IPhone beginners, entrepreneurs & investors, applications development pros, and mobile marketing.

The day finishes with a bang:  a Mobile X pitch contest for start-up companies (or even promising ideas) where attendees will vote (via phone) for their favorite (click here for more information on the contest).

Registration ranges from $60 (for students) to $120 (for last-minute registrants). For more information and to register, visit the Mobile X website.


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