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One day left to enjoy the 2014 Homestead Fair

Handcrafted baskets at the Homestead Fair
Used by permission from Heritage Homestead

Whether you love to give home-crafted items or home-grown-and-prepared produce for holiday gifts o for yourself, there is one day left to visit the Homestead Fair. Adults and children can watch cooks and crafters skillfully create their specialities, many from materials produced at the Homestead Heritage near Elm Mott, a small community north of Waco. Dedicated to a self-sustaining way of life, the fair is held annually over the Thanksgiving Day weekend to encourage the growth and nurture of a vanishing lifestyle akin to that of early American pioneers.

Through workshops and class offerings during the rest of the year, half-forgotten skills of yesteryear return to life once again. In an era of mass-production and interdependency on an enormous retail-based economy, there may not seem to be a need for essential skills as spinning yarn and thread from wool and plant fibers, building with hand-powered tools, making cheese, and growing food - in the garden or on the hoof. The fair serves to remind us of our connection to the earth and provides a way to make that connection once again.

The Homestead Fair cuts out the middleman by allowing you to purchase directly from the craftsman who made the many delightful wares available. It also gives you the opportunity to learn the skills that will allow you to make your own items - and even children will be delighted to learn what they can create with their own hands during their visit to the Homestead Fair.

A little more than an hour's drive along I-35 south from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, it's a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of Big D and the crowds at the shopping malls.

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