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One councilman contemplates run for Mayor, another seems to be running with her

Mayor/Council President City-Wide targets
Mayor/Council President City-Wide targets
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  • Baltimore 4 Life Proud Resident 5 years ago

    This entire story certainly does not surprise me! First of all, Mayor Rawlings-Blake has been in love with the white power base since her days at UMD School of Law while we were there! Second, her communications office, more Ryan than Ian, however both at times seem as if they are celebrities rather than public servants and try and intimidate the press and anyone who tries to cross them.

    Cole is a freshman legislator who is greedy like O'Malley was as a councilman, then as Mayor and now as Governor! He will not stop at City Hall, or the 11th district and certainly could care less about the people rather only himself and his own self interests! Watch! He will not continue to serve the citizens of his district, for he shall abandon them for a citywide run,in which I pray that Jack Young kicks his butt! Thanks for the consistent updates Hassan despite who u work for you at least are not intimidated by the powers that be and actually report the REAL!

  • Mrs. Bears in Baltimore 5 years ago

    I find this story quite disturbing as my Mayor and elected officials should not be beholden to anyone except those citizens they were elected to represent, not those officials responsible for assisting in their victory, especially when that person is another elected official themselves, beholden to their own constituents?! SMH...that is the problem with Baltimore now! Bring Sheila Dixon back...she may have got caught doing what whites been doing since the founding fathers yet at least she represented the People!?

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Why are we alway wanting to play the race card. What about the Citizens of Baltimore, I did nott see anyone in the Sheila admin. and still don't see anyone in the Stephenie admin. doing anything for the Citizens of Baltimore. I DO SEE TOO MUCH money being spend on everything but Baltimore. The inner harbor looks terrible! West Baltimore I am scarred to go in some areas. Stop worry about black or white and someone worry about the Citizen and the Weath of Baltimore City .

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