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One Church One Child: seeking adoptive homes for waiting children

Children need a home.
Children need a home.
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The math is fairly simple. If one family in each Florida church adopts one child, then all of the 850 available children in the state would have a forever family. That’s an admirable aspiration for One Church One Child (OCOC), a nonprofit organization. And that’s why they joined forces with Family Support Services of North Florida and the Florida Department of Children & Families to co-host a FREE adoption breakfast on Friday, September 17.

Although everyone was invited, it was the faith-based community who were the intended target. And they didn’t disappoint. At least 300 church members, leaders and pastors showed-up at Everbank Field to learn more about how to help our children in need. It was a time of bringing awareness to our community about this very real issue. It was a time of informing them that there are 140+ children in Northeast Florida who need a permanent home.

OCOC Board Member Gordon Johnson placed confidence in the Jacksonville-area churches to do what they could do to participate in this endeavor. The spotlight was on the 457 African-American children, most of whom are over the age of eight, and who experience more of a challenge in finding an adoptive home.

The topic may have been one of seriousness, but Jacksonville Action News Anchor Dawn Lopez did a fabulous job as an emcee, keeping everything upbeat. The presentations and speeches were inspiring and motivating. All around, the atmosphere was filled with excitement.

FSS CEO Jim Adams stated quite appropriately, “In James 1:27, churches were commissioned to provide care for the orphans and widows. Sadly today in Florida, there are over 850 kids who do not have a permanent home. They have been orphaned by circumstances beyond their control and need care. We hope the One Church One Child Adoption Prayer Breakfast will serve as a catalyst to get area churches more involved in mentoring and with foster care and adoption.”

Even if you couldn't attend this event, you can still get involved. Doing your part, whatever it may be, can play a major role in helping orphans in distress and touching the heart of God.

For more information on adoption or the One Church One Child program, contact Family Support Services at 904-421-5800.


  • Profile picture of Beverly Mucha
    Beverly Mucha 4 years ago

    What a great effort and cause.

  • Sherrie Clark 4 years ago

    I agree, and I applaud what they are doing.

  • Ms, "V" 4 years ago

    A lot of work went into this event. I'm glad that it got the coverage from Action News. Thanks Sherrie for keeping us informed.

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