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One-blade razors: Ingredient to a smooth shave

Micro Touch One classic safety razor
Micro Touch One classic safety razor

Decades ago, before multi-blade razors and lubricant strips, there were one blade razors and shaving cream. This classic shave provided clean cuts that didn't chop up or irritate your skin so much. With one blade, it removed hair in one swipe without clogging the razor.

While the traditional method seems far-fetched in our ever-evolving pool of gadgets, Micro Touch One actually created a classic safety razor that produces a smooth, professional quality shave. And it's extremely simple. There's a knob at the bottom of the razor that opens the chamber where the blade goes, so it's easy to use and clean. The reusable hand crafted razor comes with 12 long-lasting precision blades and a chrome stand. All for $19.99 at

This product is typically used for men's facial hair, but I recommend it for women who only shave their legs on occasion as well for a smooth finish.

Like Micro Touch One? Check out the Micro Touch Switch Blade, too. It's a 2-in-1 trimmer that shapes up facial hair, eye brows, side burns, ears and nose hairs, and more.

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