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One bag for it all - Skooba V.3 Laptop Weekender

When I travel, I carry more than my share of gadgets, chargers, cameras, wires and what-not. Finding a bag that could take all the gadgets and still have room for some clothes usually meant a wheeled roller bag. When you want to travel light and fast – that isn’t the answer. Enter the V.3 Laptop Weekender from Skooba Design. Now we’re talking.

by Skooba Design

In a shoulder bag, this has got it all goin’ on. Granted, a humungous duffle bag would carry the same amount of stuff, but the Weekender organizes and compartmentalizes it quite exquisitely.

Now I’ve got instant access to laptop, tablet, phone, battery packs, etc. All the things I repeatedly access while on a road trip or a getaway weekend are right at my fingertips. The padded rails in the back pocket gently protect up to a 15” computer. Two big cargo pockets at each end handle your tablet and chargers, hard drives, cables, etc.

The front accessory pocket has a padded back wall with pockets for iPhones, MP3 player, recorder, pens, business cards, and battery packs.

I’ve even used this as a total camera bag, packing it with my photo dividers and carrying six different cameras at once in the inner compartment, along with LED lights, shotgun mikes and more batteries than any one man should have to carry.

The exclusive “Superbungee” shoulder strap cleverly disperses the weight when you’ve overloaded the bag like I’m prone to do.

The bag is 18” x 12” x 11” so it should easily fit into any normal overhead compartment on a plane. Technically, it’s too big for United’s ridiculous new regulations, but you should be safe with all the other carriers. Luckily, it only weighs 42 oz. empty, so you aren’t using up your weight allowance on your bag.

Whether you use it for air, bus, boat, train or car travel, or even for a workout at the gym, I guarantee you’ll get a lot of use out of this bag. I just got back from a two-week road-trip and this is what kept me together day-in and day-out. I’m loving it.

This product is has been awarded the Senior Citizen’s Thumbs-Up rating on Check the Senior’s page for more recommended products for those 65 and up.

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