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One in a barrel, one in a quadrillion

Joey Stram and the barrel his driver head flew into 80 yards away.
Joey Stram and the barrel his driver head flew into 80 yards away.
Dirk Vandeman

This is not a Halloween story. What are the odds of that?

The other day, I was at Carlsbad Golf Center. There are a lot of flags and oil drums set around the driving range as targets. A young kid was hitting balls next to me and we started aiming for a 50-gallon drum about 80 yards away. We were going through our range balls like water to see who could get one in first.

He was hitting a mid- to long-iron and I was hitting a little wedge. A bucket and a half later, I stuck one in the metal barrel. It bounced out and we smiled that it was possible.

The near-impossible can be achieved. But the loud ‘clank’ we heard next put my thunder to shame.

Joey Stram, who was hitting balls on the range with his dad, made one in the drum. But it wasn’t his golf ball. His driver head broke off, flew 80 yards across the dirt and grass and landed in it.

A one in a quadrillion shot? The odds of this happening must be higher than our National Debt to 1.

This just proves all things are possible. And that most things that can happen will at some point, happen.

The odds of an amateur making a hole in one are about 13,000 to 1. But if you keep gunning for flags, your chances will rise and your handicap will drop.

Just like wind wearing down granite with persistence, the odds we’ll climb out of this recession and our budget will balance again are pretty good, too.

And if you see it happening, if you believe it will happen, the odds will be even more in your favor.


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