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'Once Upon a Time in Wonderland' spoilers: Who should stay in Storybrooke?

Alice and Cyrus from "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" make a cross over to Storybrooke. Who should get to stay there?
Alice and Cyrus from "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" make a cross over to Storybrooke. Who should get to stay there?

On March 20 Gossip and Gab share that "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" characters Alice and Cyrus made the crossover to "Once Upon a Time's" Storybrooke. Now they pose the question, who should get to return again?

In last night's episode, Cyrus and Alice traveled to Storybrooke, Maine, where they ran into Cora, the Red Queen. While the "Wonderland" couple weren't there long, the question remains, who would fit into Storybrooke for a more lasting arc? Both Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz said that there is likely a chance that a crossover could happen but who would be doing the crossing and how would that work out?

While Alice grew up in England, she is adept to human customs and how things work, but she doesn't seem a likely fit because she seems to prefer Wonderland over anything else.

Cyrus hasn't spent much time outside of Wonderland, and while he is a genie and can go anywhere he likes, the possibility of him being Aladdin is all too real, which could end up meaning a trip to Agribah if that route was taken. He seems too nice a guy to be able to handle Regina and her sister Zelena on the best of days, so the likelihood of him staying in Storybrooke seems difficult to believe. This also goes for Jafar. While he is bad in his own rights, he doesn't seem to have the same level of evil to him as Regina and Zelena. He is all about business and getting what he wants but doesn't quite seem to be willing to do anything to get it.

Will, the Knave of Hearts, was once a member of Robin Hood's band of merry men. If he were to come to Storybrooke, or even the Enchanted Forest, he might be able to sweet-talk his way back in with Robin and then could learn the ins and outs of the land, and possibly make way with Regina. His intrigue and comedic value provided to "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" could definitely come in handy in the Enchanted Forest and it would be interesting to see him interact in some of the strange ways that he does with similar characters such as Rumple, Hook, and Neal.

Anastasia/ The Red Queen has been revealed to be one of Cinderella's evil step-sisters. Since Ella has already been on "OUAT" adding Anastasia could add a deeper element to Ella that many fans felt was missing, and she could meet her step-niece Alexandria.

Since both Anastasia and Will are already connected to other characters in Storybrooke they seem to be the logical choice as to who should remain or return to the show.

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