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‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’ series finale wraps everything up with a bow

‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’ series finale wraps everything up with a bow
‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’ series finale wraps everything up with a bow
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News of the cancellation of ABC’s “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" came out only a few weeks ago but it is clear from the way the writers tied everything up with a pretty bow that they had advanced notice of the cancellation. The final episode, “And They Lived” aired on ABC on Thursday, April 3.

Through blackmail, Jafar forces Amara to help him transform the two of them into the most powerful sorcerers of all time. The former sultan confronts his son and advices the true way to power is through mercy. Jafar makes use of his new powers by forcing daddy dearest to profess his love and pride in Jafar. Now that the old man feels love for Jafar, Jafar wants him to feel what it is like to be put to death by someone you love. He proceeds to use magic to drown his father. Afterwards, he turns to deal with Amara, Alice and the seriously wounded Cyrus only to find them gone. Amara has used the magic carpet to get them out of there. Jafar breaks his promise to the Jabberwocky and kills her.

Safely inside the White Rabbit’s house, Amara can now save Cyrus. Alice is delighted but urges them to work together to bring down Jafar before he destroys Wonderland.

Jafar has brought the Red Queen back to life but used his new powers to make her fall in love with him. She has no regard for Will. Jafar then summons dead warriors back to life and sends them out to find Amara and kill anyone who gets in their way.

Alice, Amara and Cyrus split up with Cyrus and Amara heading to the Well of Wonders to return the stolen water which will cause Jafar to lose his powers. Alice and the White Rabbit summon as many Wonderland inhabitants as they can to battle Jafar’s army. Though Cyrus and Amara encounter Jafar’s troops, Amara is able to defeat them with her magic. Alice does not fare so well. She is captured and taken back to Jafar.

The evil sorcerer tries to force her into helping him find Amara but she refuses. He threatens to change her past, making her meeting with Cyrus something that never took place. She would never know true love. Alice still refuses because she believes true love is more powerful than any magic and it can never be destroyed.

The Red Queen tells Jafar where to find Amara and he leaves. The Knave talks to the Red Queen and tries to convince her to help him. She refuses. He kisses her and the spell Jafar put her under is broken! The Knave, Anastasia and Alice head out to stop Jafar.

Just as Amara steps forward to return the water to Nyx, the guardian of the Well of Wonders, Jafar appears and uses his magic to stop her. A streak of lightning hits Amara and turns her into water. Just as Jafar turns to strike at Cyrus, Alice appears out of a portal made by the White Rabbit. Jafar retrieves the water that Amara was going to return to the well. As Jafar scoffs at Alice, she tells him she doesn’t have to defeat him. The one who owns the water will do that.

Nyx appears once again and informs Jafar the water is not his to take. His punishment will be to serve the desires of others. Bands appear around his wrists and moments later he is screaming inside the bottle of genie.

Cyrus and Alice are reunited and Cyrus is also reunited with his brothers. Back at Jafar’s castle, The Knave is grieving over the dead Red Queen. Alice delivers a message from Nyx. The Red Queen’s path was meant to end but not Anastasia’s. He pours some of the water, a gift from Nyx, into Anastasia’s mouth and she is restored to life.

Alice and Cyrus return to England where she is reunited with her family. Her father begs her forgiveness and then gives her away at a weeding to Cyrus. The White Rabbit presides over the ceremony and all of Alice’s friends are in attendance. Many happy thanks and hugs are shared including an especially warm one between Alice and The Knave. They advise each other to hold onto their hearts.

The story ends with Alice reading to her young daughter. It is the story of her own adventures in Wonderland. The child asks if the stories are true. Alice tells her daughter anything is possible in Wonderland as the White Rabbit watches from a distance. And that is how it was “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.”

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