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‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’ recap 1X09 ‘Nothing to Fear’

‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’ recap 1X09 ‘Nothing to Fear’
‘Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’ recap 1X09 ‘Nothing to Fear’
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We picked up where we left off on “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland,” with the Knave, now in the role of the genie, trapped inside his bottle. He gets a new owner almost immediately with dire consequences. The series which aired “Nothing to Fear,” quietly returned Thursday night, March 6 on ABC with little fanfare.

The Knave/Genie and Lizard

His old friend Lizard finds the bottle and frees him, making her his master. He explains the rules concerning her 3 wishes including the one about not being able to wish anyone to fall in love with you. She uses one wish to fulfill the Knave’s wish that everyone in the village can have some cold beer and a great party ensues.

He realizes his mistress is smitten with someone but has no clue it is himself. Her second wish is to become the kind of woman capable of attracting her true love. After giving her courtship advice, the Knave learns Liz is in love with him and she makes her fatal third wish. She wishes that he could feel something for her. He is forced back into his bottle as the third wish is granted and he watches helplessly. Liz falls to the floor, writhing before she dies. Her wish was granted because the Knave feels distress and helplessness over what just happened to his friend.

Alice Cyrus and the Red Queen

Though Alice has her doubts, she agrees to align with the Red Queen to rescue the Knave. The Red Queen goes missing and Alice fears she was right to distrust the queen. Actually, the Red Queen has been captured by some angry subjects who promise to make her pay for abandoning them.

Cyrus, keeping a cool head convinces Alice that finding the queen is their only hope for finding the Knave. They do find her after using a location spell – tied to a stake! There are too many angry villagers to fight off and soon Alice and Cyrus are tied to stakes of their own alongside the queen.

As darkness falls, creatures known as the Mome Rath, move closer to the three intended victims. Alice distracts them by tossing her shiny necklace as far as she can and the creatures take the bait. The trio escapes, leaving Alice’s prized necklace behind. Believing the Knave to be close at hand, the move on but not before the Knave presents Alice with a beautiful ring and pledges his undying love for her.

It is the Red Queen who finds the lifeless body of Lizard and the genie’s bottle. She returns to Alice and Cyrus but doesn’t hand over the bottle until she’s rubbed it and released the genie, making her the Knave’s master.

As the begin to squabble over it, the Red Queen mentions that Jafar has 2 other genie bottles and that getting his hands on this one will make him even more powerful. Cyrus asks her to describe the other bottles and believes they are the bottles his brothers were placed in when they were all made into genies. He and Alice decide to stay and find them. Surprisingly, the Red Queen agrees to help, saying she owes it to her people.


Meanwhile, Jafar makes himself the ruler of Wonderland. He wants the help of the Jabberwocky, an ancient and dangerously powerful creature. Bribing the head of Tweedle, his once faithful friend, with a body if he’ll help Jafar find the creature, Jafar enters the lair of the Jabberwocky. He overcomes a guard and discovers many bodies strewn about the lair.

After toying with him mentally, the Jabberwocky reveals herself to Jafar and he frees her. She lets him know that she knows his deepest fears and reminds him of the physical and emotional pain caused when his own father tried to drown him. He is shaken by her tactics and vows to keep the sword that held her captive in case he needs it again.

“Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” returns on Thursday, March 13 on ABC.

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