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'Once Upon A Time': What will Regina do about Robin Hood now?

Will Regina allow love in?
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Fans of "Once Upon A Time" are still dealing with the death of Neal on the last episode, but there was also a hint of romance in the air too. Regina and Robin Hood shared a moment before she realized who he was. On April 2, TV Line shared new spoilers about their romance, and it will not be easy for Regina to let go and let love in.

Fans knows just how far Regina has gone to keep her heart safe. She almost ripped it out of her chest and buried it during a recent episode to save herself from heartache over losing Henry. Letting herself love will not be easy task for her. It isn't clear if the two had a romance during the missing year either. Edward Kitsis teased the following about the romance,

Regina has a very hard time being happy. It frightens her. And she has spent so much time suppressing things, that when she faces them she’s not sure how to react. So for us, its about wanting to explore when and how will Regina open her heart, and to whom.

The few scenes with the pair have been filled with tension, and it would be nice to see Regina a little happy for once. She is the evil queen, but she has tried to change her ways. What do you think? How long before Regina allows someone to love her on this series?

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