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'Once Upon a Time': What will happen to Meghan Ory's Ruby?

Meghan Ory is returning as Ruby in "Once Upon a Time"
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

"Once Upon a Time" fans will be happy to know that Red Riding Hood hasn't skipped away into the woods forever.

According to a Jan. 17 report by Fashion & Style, Meghan Ory's beloved character could make an appearance in future episodes of "OUAT." At the Television Critics Association press tour, Ory broke the news about her character. TV Guide tweeted, "I'm not gone from #Once. Red Riding Hood disappeared into the mist and I'm told she will be back says @meghanrory #TCA14." Meghan Ory's absence on "OUAT" has been due to her new role on the CBS series "Intelligence."

Rebellious werewolf Ruby hasn't had much luck in love. She killed her boyfriend Peter and got tricked into thinking that she killed poor Billy/Gus the Mouse. So isn't it time that she found someone special? Red will probably end up back in the Enchanted Forest with most of the other characters, so perhaps she'll have better luck there. It's kind of a shame that Robin Hood is Regina's true love—the Hoods would have made a very cheery couple with their red and green garb.

Some fans might still be shipping Frankenwolf, but perhaps "Once Upon a Time" will go a different direction by paying homage to the Grimm fairy tale titled "Snow-White and Rose-Red." In that story, Snow and Red are sisters who encounter an enchanted bear. It turns out that the bear is actually a prince who has been cursed by an evil dwarf. Once the bear kills the dwarf, he resumes his prince form. Ruby is a shapeshifter, so she'd probably love to meet someone who knows what it feels like to be part animal and part human. Perhaps she and the bear prince could enjoy a nice bowl of porridge at Granny's after he resumes his human form. This would also be a fun plot point to add since it would throw a little "Brave" mythology into the mix. In that movie, Merida's mother and brothers suffer a similar bear curse.

What would you like to see happen to Ruby when the show returns on March 9?

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