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'Once Upon a Time': What to expect in season 4

Jennifer Morrison plays Emma on "Once Upon a Time"
Jennifer Morrison plays Emma on "Once Upon a Time"
Photo by Chelsea Lauren

The "Once Upon a Time" season 3 finale finally aired on ABC. Co-creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis promised it would be spectacular and they were right. The two-part finale was amazing and now fans are anxious to find out what will happen when the show returns. On May 12, The Hollywood Reporter posted some information about the fourth season.

On the season 3 finale, a new character made an appearance at the very end of the episode. It had been speculated for a while that someone from "Frozen" would appear on the show. It turns out that Elsa will appear in "Once Upon a Time" season 4.

Kitsis explained one of the reasons he and Horowitz loved Elsa so much was because she was considered a villain, but she never really was one. He said that Elsa was misunderstood, which was something that really spoke strongly to them. Now that a new character for the next season has been confirmed, viewers will be speculating on which actress will play the part. However, Horowitz said that they just delivered the finale and they are taking some time to just decompress. Once Memorial Day passes, they will start working on the character of Elsa.

As for when Elsa will be introduced, Horowitz is expecting it to be very early in the season. Kitsis agreed, saying that he hopes she is introduced in the "Once Upon a Time" season 4 premiere.

The co-creators also talked about the other characters of the show. On the finale, Regina seemed to finally be happy and was enjoying life with Robin Hood. However, Emma brought someone back with her from the past. That person happened to be Robin Hood's wife. Regina and Robin Hood's relationship is going to be put to the test. It will be a real challenge because they started to have feelings for each other.

As for Hook and Emma, whether their kiss means something and leads to an actual relationship is going to be explored in season 4. Rumple and Belle will also be a focus. Horowitz and Kitsis hope to explain why Rumple did what he did and how it will affect his marriage.

What did you think of the season 3 finale? What are you hoping to see in "Once Upon a Time" season 4? Do you have any theories on Elsa? Are you rooting for Hook and Emma and what do you think will happen once Belle discovers Rumple's betrayal?

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