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‘Once Upon a Time’ welcomes back Kristin Bauer van Straten as Maleficent

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Though the world of “Frozen” will dominate the first half of Season 4 of “Once Upon a Time”, it is what or who’s going to dominate the second half that has us fascinated. Kristen Bauer van Straten will be reprising her role as Maleficent and join the cast as the villain for the latter half of the season according to an Aug. 26 report on Hypable.

As TV Line reminds us, we haven’t seen Maleficent since Episode 2 of Season 1 when she and the Evil Queen had a nice fireside chat. She was subsequently turned into a dragon and kept hidden beneath the Storybrooke Public Library. That is until Emma killed the dragon in order to retrieve a magic egg for Rumplestiltskin in the Season 1 finale.

This will undoubtedly mean bad news for Regina, Emma and Charming who was involved in hiding the magic egg inside the dragon in the first place. While there will no doubt be a great deal of flashback involved in the story, it’s not likely the whole story will be in flashback. In Season 3, the show’s writers used flashback quite effectively to explain just who Peter Pan was and how he was connected to Rumplestiltskin. So how does Maleficent return since Emma reduced her to a pile of ash? This is Storybrooke and magic is everywhere.

During the TV Line interview, showrunner Edward Kitsis teased a little about what they referred to as Season 4B. “The seeds are planted in the first 10 [episodes of 4A], so that when you see [the reveal] in 11, you go, ‘Ah, OK.'”

So apparently there will be clues leading up to the big reveal…the one we’ve now spoiled for you! Are you excited to see Maleficent return to “Once Upon a Time” Season 4? The show premieres Sunday, Sept. 28 on ABC.