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'Once Upon A Time': Things will heat up for Emma and who?

Emma Swan might give someone another shot at love with her.
Photo by Rachel Murray

"Once Upon A Time" is ready to bring new romantic troubles into Emma's life on ABC. On Feb. 24, E! Online shared new spoilers for the mid-season premiere, and the focus was on Emma Swan and the new villain. Emma is played by Jennifer Morrison on the series.

Hook showed up on Emma's doorstep in New York City at the end of the mid-season finale, and romance might be in the air for the pair. Emma has been in love with Neal. However, when she thought he was dead, she looked Hook's way. Things may heat up for this pair again. Hook will be alone in New York City after all. E! Online shared the following about Emma's life and the appearance of some creatures set for the mid-season premiere:

Two words: Flying. Monkeys. The winter premiere of the magical ABC drama is packed with jaw-dropping moments and heart-warming scenes—especially for all you CaptainSwan shippers out there! We're serious, after watching this hour, even the strongest Neal fan will begin to doubt their feelings and wonder if they're rooting for the right couple.

The appearance of the flying monkeys was teased in a preview released for the mid-season premiere, but Emma's love life has not been teased much. She will have a new man in her life. Christopher Gorham has joined the series to appear as that new man.

What do you think? Do you want things to heat back up between Emma and Hook on this series? "Once Upon A Time" will continue to air on ABC on Sunday nights.

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