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'Once Upon a Time' teasers from Jennifer Morrison on Oz, Emma’s love triangle

'Once Upon a Time' teasers from Jennifer Morrison on Oz, Emma’s love triangle
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Once Upon a Time’s” Jennifer Morrison, who play savior Emma Swan, dished recently on the big move from Neverland to Oz, Emma’s love triangle and so much more. Inside TV covered her comments in their March 9 report.

At the midseason break, the show ended with the Neverland story being more or less wrapped up and perhaps a huge character death or cliffhanger at the very least. Morrison says that show runners Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz patterned it after the way shows are done on the cable channels where a series runs for only 13 or 13 episodes. It gives the series time to tell one full story and then move on to the next as they are doing this year, first with Neverland and now with Oz.

Morrison said she enjoyed filming the Neverland story arc because they all got to work together and most of the scenes were shot indoors in the studio instead of outside in the cold Vancouver air.

She is also excited about the transition to Oz.

“I was {excited}, because this is sort of our first time branching out from pure fairy tale into storybook. Wizard of Oz is more of a modern-day fairy tale, and it’s exciting to start mixing those storybook characters into our world.”

Morrison thinks Rebecca Mader makes the perfect Wicked Witch. IN her Storybrooke persona, she is sweet and kind and they have no clue she is the Wicked Witch. When she’s in her witch persona however, it’s a different story. “She’s wicked, she’s so wicked.”

The promos make it seem as if the witch has a beef with Regina but Emma says we don’t have the full picture yet.

“It’s interesting, because part of what makes it so intense is that it is not clear what the Wicked Witch wants, initially. And it is not clear who she’s after. It takes a long time to assess that. So everyone feels like they’re fair game in terms of her possibly hurting you. It’s not like the first half of the season where we knew Pan was after Henry. People are being picked off in a way that is so random that everyone feels like they have targets on their backs. So it’s definitely eerie and intense.”

As for Rumplestiltskin’s status, Morrison says,

“It is complicated. It’s always complicated on our show. I can say that he returns in an unexpected way, and the way that he is still alive makes someone else a hero, and also really impacts the mindset of Rumplestiltskin.”

She does say Henry will eventually get his memories back but not for a long time. Emma is trying to protect him and wants to preserve the happy false memories he has until the need for him to remember the truth is inevitable.

Morrison says that even she would have a hard time choosing between Hook and Neal. Neal is and always will be Henry’s father which makes him special. The time they spent together before he vanished was meaningful to her. Hook, on the other hand, has taken this journey of change and is always there for Emma. That’s something she has lacked in her past – being able to count on someone else. That makes him compelling and attractive.

“What also makes it an interesting love triangle is that Hook and Neal are friends, and they respect each other. So we’re not in a catty love triangle; everyone really cares about each other, and respects each other.”

Executive producer Kitsis says, "The second half of the season is really going to force Emma to make a decision about what she wants to do with her future. She can't continue to hedge."

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