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'Once Upon a Time' spoilers:What will happen in season 3 episode 14 'The Tower'?

 Ginnifer Goodwin
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Tonight is another new episode of "Once Upon a Time" season three and new spoilers are out. On March 23, Latin Times shared spoilers about season 3 episode 14 which is called "The Tower." Now that everyone knows that Rumplestiltskin is alive things are going to get crazy.

Zelena now has the dagger which means that he has no power at all. Pictures show him behind bars and it looks like he isn't getting out easy. In this episode, they try to find out who is behind the curse and why everyone is disappearing.

Snow is going to try to find the perfect person to help them out as a nanny. It doesn't look like the person they have found is as good of a match as they think she is though.

The big thing that happens this week is that Prince Charming will find Rapunzel. She is trapped in the tower and is also scared to try to get escape. He will have to help her find a way to get out of there and be free again. This all goes down in the Fairy Tale land.

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