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'Once Upon a Time' spoilers: What does Zelena want with Rumple?

Rumple will be making his return to "Once Upon a Time" but the Wicked Witch Zelena has him locked in a cage.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

On March 16 Wetpaint shares the sneak peek of next week's "Once Upon a Time" entitled "The Tower." Fans already know that Zelena has taken over Regina's Enchanted Forest castle, and we also learn that Cora is Zelena's mother who abandoned her. It was also learned that Zelena was under Rumple's tutelage as well, so why does she have him locked in a cage?

Regina is obviously shocked that she has a sister, not so much so that her mother abandoned her because her mother was likely more evil than Regina is. How it was that Rumple never managed to let it slip that Regina had a sister seems strange, however, he might not have known depending on how closely guarded a secret it was kept.

At this point, we have learned that Zelena was the one that cast the spell that sent everyone back to Storybrooke and made them lose their memories, but why? If she isn't out for revenge than why is she keeping Rumple trapped in a cage, unless he did her wrong, or she is trying to extract something from him like dark magic, or is she trying to find his dagger so that she can become the dark one herself?

Despite what Zelena wants from Rumple, Emma and Charming will do their best to save him. Belle is also likely in Storybrooke using her book smarts to dig something up from every book mentioning the Wicked Witch that she can find in an attempt to save her true love.

What do you think the Wicked Witch Zelena wants with Rumple?

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