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'Once Upon a Time' spoilers: The town folk are missing

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On March 13 E Online shares a sneak Peek of what we can expect in tomorrow's episode of "Once Upon a Time."

Emma puts together a town meeting to discuss the newest curse that has hit Storybrooke and of course the town folk are upset, largely because nobody can remember anything that's happened the last year. Zelena, the wicked witch is sitting among the crowd, but doesn't have anything to say.

With this new curse, instead of like last time when people would just lose their memory when they tried to cross the town lines, they are going missing completely. All but grumpy is left of the seven dwarves, and and others have gone missing as well. Grumpy's first guess as to who placed the curse on all of them is the Evil Queen. She was the one that placed the last curse, and is to date, the only one that they know of that can do so.

The town folk take all of three seconds to start turning on Regina, even after she explained that she is just as blind in all of this as the rest of them. They don't believe her, but even Emma is starting to have doubts as to who did this, and she has her memory back.

Will the town find out that Zelena and not Regina is really to blame? Will the town see Zelena's true color?