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'Once Upon a Time' spoilers: The curse is cast in 'A Curious Thing'

Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas star in 'Once Upon a Time'
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

According to “Once Upon the Time” spoilers for the next episode, fans will learn some key details about the curse. What can fans expect from episode 3x19? On Sunday TVLine shared some of the scoop, and fans won't want to miss it.

The April 27 episode is titled “A Curious Thing.” TVLine notes that Josh Dallas has teased that this episode will reveal who cast the curse. In addition, viewers will learn why everybody is back and why nobody remembers the missing year. Back in Fairy Tale Land, Charming, Snow White and Regina will make a decision that impacts everybody. While it has looked as if Zelena is the one who casts the curse, the teases from Dallas make it seem that perhaps the reality is a bit different.

What else can fans expect in this episode? The synopsis shared via Spoiler TV notes that Zelena will give Hook an ultimatum that leaves Henry's life in the balance. If Hook doesn't kiss Emma, Henry may perish. There will be some sparks flying between Robin Hood and Regina while in Fairy Tale Land Charming and Snow will be looking for Glinda. They are hoping that the Good Which of the South can help them in their battle against Zelena.

As Wetpaint notes, the big preview for episode 3x19 reveals plenty of juicy tidbits. Zelena is making threats while Glinda seems to indicate that even she can't stop Zelena. Aurora warns the Charmings that their baby is at risk during a flashback to the big lost year. There is a fire and an attack of a flying monkey along with plenty of other dangerous threats.

The curse will finally be cast, but the synopsis also teases that it comes from an unlikely individual. This is definitely one episode that fans will not want to miss. This season 3 finale looms and viewers cannot wait to see just how wild things get before the season wraps. Tune in to “Once Upon a Time” on Sunday, April 27 to see just what goes down in “A Curious Thing.”

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