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'Once Upon a Time' spoilers: Neal enlists Belle's help

In the "OUAT" episode "Quiet Minds" Neal will be enlisting Belle's help to get back to his father and son.
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

On March 25 Enstarz shares spoilers for the upcoming episode of "Once Upon a Time" entitled "Quiet Minds." While Regina may have found a way to connect with Robin Hood, the focus of the episode is going to be centered on Neal.

Neal is going to be going through a lot of family drama both in the Enchanted Forrest as well as is Storybrooke. The only thing that he wants to do is get back to being with his son, Henry, but Henry doesn't have a clue who he is thanks to Regina's curse.

Neal also wants to reconnect with his father who until the last episode was perceived to be dead. In an attempt to bring him back, Neal enlists Belle's help with her candlestick friend, Lumiere, played by Henry Lubatti. Whether or not that will work since Rumple isn't really dead is unknown.

This is the first episode since the mid-season return of "Once Upon a Time" that Neal will be in, and fans have missed him, questioning whether or not he turns into a flying monkey when he comes to Storybrooke. This episode will be a busy one, so keep your eyes open so that you don't miss anything.

Do you think that Neal will turn into a flying monkey or has he just been busy in both worlds?

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