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'Once Upon a Time' spoilers: Major Emma and Captain Hook scenes coming

When "Once Upon a Time" returns fans should expect to see some major scenes between Captain Hook and Emma.
Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Art of Elysium

On Feb. 24 Enstarz shares that the upcoming mid-season premiere of "Once Upon a Time" will include some major Emma and Captain Hook scenes that are surely going to make the Neil and Emma fans question whether they've been rooting for the wrong team.

While Hook is trying to jog Emma's memory and get her to remember her life and family over the last year she's been living life in New York with Henry, the two of them will be getting pretty close. While Emma can't seem to remember who she really is because of the curse reversal that Regina did to save them all from being under Peter Pan's reign of what would surely have been terror, she doesn't seem to be minding the new company she is keeping.

Other spoilers for the mid-season return promise that wicked is coming, in the form of a witch named Zelena, and with her will be her flying monkeys. The second half of season three of "Once Upon a Time" will explore the Land of Oz, however, fans aren't sure yet as to whether or not we will actually be seeing the Land of Oz or just the characters from it. So far, only the Wicked Witch, the flying monkeys, and Glinda the Good Witch will be featured.

Are you excited to see some flying monkeys? "Once Upon a Time" returns March 9 at 8 PM.

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