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'Once Upon a Time' spoilers: Jennifer Morrison teases Rumple's return

Jennifer Morrison teased Rumple/ Mr. Gold's return in a recent interview.
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

On March 12 IBTimes shares a recent interview with Jennifer Morrison who let slip that Rumple/ Mr. Gold will be making an unexpected return to the show.

Both Belle and Neal brought up his return the the Enchanted Forest when everyone else that was in Storybrooke started making their return, but Charming was reluctant to agree that he would return since everyone say his death while taking out his father, Peter Pan.When the curse happened, it was designed to return everyone to where they came from. Obviously something didn't quite go as planned because Hook went back to the Enchanted Forest as well instead of back to Neverland where he is from.

Co-creators Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz says that episode 13 called "The Dark One's Fate" will detail what happened to Rumple but they didn't explicitly say that he would come back. Morrison was a bit more forthcoming and said that while it's always complicated on their show, she can say that he does come back in an unexpected way that makes someone else the hero. The way in which he comes back also really impacts his mindset.

Despite how he comes back, Kitsis and Horowitz say that Rumbelle fans will still get their fill because even after death, true love always wins. ALWAYS.

Are you excited to see the "unexpected way" that Rumple makes his return? How do you think it will happen and who will be made the unlikely hero?

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