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'Once Upon a Time' spoilers: Glinda the Good appears

In this week's episode of "Once Upon a Time" Glinda the Good will make her appearance.
ABC (used with permission)

"Once Upon a Time" is working on wrapping up the season and with it will inevitably come more characters. One of these characters will be introduced this week as Glinda the Good. Hypable shares on Wednesday that Glinda will make an appearance in hopes of saving Henry from Zelena as he's the one Zelena has her heart set on if Hook doesn't deliver the kiss to Emma.

While Regina hasn't ever been close to Emma, she does love Henry even if he doesn't know who she is. She will be using "the book" to hopefully find an answer that will be of help in saving Henry from Zelena. Many wonder what Henry will think of the book since he doesn't have any of his memories of Storybrooke and he is very prominently apart of the fairytale story. Could this potentially help bring his memory back?

It will be interesting to see how Charming and Snow deal with Glinda as she will be appearing in the year that was according to a sneak peek video shared on Latinos Post. It seems as if the couple may have known about Zelena and her wicked plans because they go in search of Glinda the Good to help defeat Zelena, and that is when the curse is cast. However, the curse that puts everyone back in Storybrooke is not from someone that anyone would expect. Fans may or may not find out who that is this Sunday.

This Sunday's episode of "Once Upon a Time" seems as if it will have a lot going on, especially while the romance between Robin Hood and Regina heats up. Will their love be able to protect them from Zelena's jealousy and her plan to turn back time? Will Glinda save Emma from having her powers stolen with Hook's kiss? "Once Upon A Time" airs Sunday at 8 PM. Will you be watching?

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