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'Once Upon a Time' spoilers: Evil character returning to show in third season

Once Upon a Time spoilers says evil is returning
Once Upon a Time spoilers says evil is returning

"Once Upon a Time" has promised that someone was not going to make it out of this season alive. With that in mind, it appears that someone who has died will be back as well, at least in the flashback scenes. According to TV line on Jan. 25, Rose McGowan will return to "Once Upon a Time" as the young Cora.

One of the people hinted at dying later in this season was Regina, the evil queen. That could possibly play into this as the last time we saw young Cora, she was giving birth to Regina. Now. of course by that time Cora had removed her heart.

We are supposed to be getting the Wicked Witch's backstory this season, everything could get really interesting. Could Cora's flashbacks on "Once Upon a Time" with Rose McGowan be to show more of Regina's childhood, a way to possibly make her more sympathetic leading up to her eventual death?

If the Wicked Witch is coming, could "Once Upon a Time" be looking into possibly creating a new big bad and ushering Regina out the door? Now, there is always a chance in this world that a death will not last forever, so getting rid of Regina while also showing more of her back story could be a good way to bring her back later, bigger and badder than ever.

"Once Upon a Time" will be back on TV on March 9 with episode 12, where the Wicked Witch of the West will make her debut.