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'Once Upon a Time' spoilers: Episode 3x18 sees Zelena conspire, Regina reflect

What is Zelena up to in the next episode of 'OUAT'?
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

A new episode of “Once Upon a Time” airs Sunday night and fans cannot wait to see just what happens. On Saturday at the show's Facebook page shared a tantalizing "OUAT" preview that will leave viewers counting down until the full episode airs on ABC. What can fans expect from “Bleeding Through” airing on April 20?

The “Once Upon Time” spoiler preview shows Regina and Mary Margaret talking about the death of Cora. Regina admits that the situation is complicated and they both seem emotional as they talk about all that has gone down. The two seem to be connecting until an unsettling noise is heard from upstairs. The two go up to check out the situation, and the clip ends on a stunning note. Just what in the world is behind that door?

Episode 3x18 is titled “Bleeding Through,” and the official synopsis via TV Guide shares that Regina will try to connect with a deceased Cora to learn more about Zelena's abandonment. Belle also wants to learn more about Zelena, but she is focused on trying to determine what Zelena's real objective is. In the fairy-tale world, a fake prince tricks a young Cora as she prepares to meet a royal.

Other “Once Upon Time” spoilers from the show's Facebook page indicate that viewers will indeed learn the reason why Cora abandoned Zelena during this episode. Another preview on the page shares a tantalizing tidbit regarding Zelina and her preparations to prepare the curse. It seems she's almost got her hands on the last thing she needs, but that item is a doozy.

Just a few episodes remain before the season 3 “Once Upon Time” finale and fans can't wait. It's been a wild ride and there is more craziness in store before things wrap up into for the season. Tune in to episode 3x18 airing on ABC on Sunday, April 20 to see just what goes down. Stay tuned every Sunday during the lead-up to the season 3 finale which airs on Sunday, May 11. How do you think this season will end?

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